Graphical Programs(part II)
Moonlight Atelier 3D:

Moonlight Atelier 3D. Moonlight Atelier 3D is na application for modeling and rendering that provides a complete set of tools to create images and visial effects using Linux.

  • creation and edition of NURBS curves
  • Creation and edition of NURBS surface
  • Interactive relacional Modeling(skin, sweep, loft and birail)
  • Light effectsEfeitos (shadows, BRDF)
All that comes integrated with ray tracer.

Moonlight allows the design of realistic images as it┤s shown below. Download this object here

Image designed Moonlight Atelier 3D


PovRay (Persistente of Vision RayTracing) is a old, mature and cross-platform 3D images render program. It generates 3d images using Ray Tracing method that can be described as the following: from a light source, it traces a ray that will hit pixel to define its luminosity. There is already a 3.2 version available and can generate images as those below:

Image designed with PovRay

The group responsible for PovRay development organizes annuals competitions with the best images, sells CDs with images and models and has a Hall of Fame on its web site with a fantastic gallery of images. Despite of its functionality, PovRay is a line command program, so the files must be written to define each image and then proceed with renderization of each one of them. Many graphic programs were developed as Pov Ray front end as 3dPM, Giram, XPovRay and k3de.Among all of them, Giram promises to be the most popular. Check how it looks like:

Giram in action

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