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9. Installing Vim

After Vim is installed, we don't need to use our normal Linux system anymore to "dress up" our LFS system. This means that you from now on no longer need to reboot your computer into the normal Linux system and back to the LFS system.

9.1 Preparing the system for the Vim installation

Installing Ncurses

In order to install Vim we need to have the ncurses libraries installed.

Because Ncurses isn't 100% correct according to the latest C standard, we need to compile it with gcc2723

9.2 Installing Vim

Vim comes in two separate parts: A 'src' package and a 'rt' (run-time) package. You need both in order to install vim. If you put both archives in the same directory, the unpacked files of both archives will appear in the same directory that will be created when you unpack the first (it doesn't matter which one you unpack first).

Also Vim doesn't compile with gcc 2.95.2, so we have to compile it with gcc as well.

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