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17. Installing Window Maker

I choose to install Window Maker as the Window Manager. This is because I've used WindowMaker for quite a while now and I'm very satisfied with it. As usual, you don't have to do what I'm doing; install whatever you want. As you might know, you can install several Window Managers simultaneously and choose which one to start by specifying it in the $HOME/.xinitrc (or $HOME/.xsession in case you decide to use xdm) file.

17.1 Preparing the system for the Window Maker installation

Installing libPropList

Installing libXpm

Ignore the warning about not being able to find the X11/xpm.h file from make depend.

The compilation process will abort because the X11/xpm.h file cannot be found. So we install this file now and then recompile.

Installing libpng

Installing libtiff

Installing libjpeg

Installing libungif

Installing WindowMaker

17.2 Updating dynamic loader cache

17.3 Configuring WindowMaker

Every user who wishes to use WindowMaker has to run the wmaker.inst script before he or she can use it. This script will copy the necessary files into the user's home directory and modify the $HOME/.xinitrc file (or create it if it's not there yet).

17.4 Testing WindowMaker

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